Hello My Name is Kia.

I'm 25 years old (but feel like 18) and I love Animal crossing and a dream of becoming a writer.

I played AC since 2002.

I only play NL now, but I will run around my CF town sometimes.
I am a nice person, but just don't get on my bad side ;) and I'm also shy.

Me and my brother's 3DS code (we share one): 0216-2181-7179

Dream Code: ~5900-4513-1284~

Background: http://metutti.tumblr.com/.
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limn - to depict or describe in painting or words

Originally a barren forest, the mushrooms and flowers emerged as she had; with her arrival, so did the rain. There are rumors about her true identity, but it doesn’t matter much to us anymore.

It started when she decided to take the train one night and ended up here. We ourselves hadn’t a name for the town we all recognized as home, but she knew exactly. Soon after, the clouds rolled in and her presence left us anew. From where she came from or what reason, we’ve never asked. We just hope the rain’s passing doesn’t mean hers as well.

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